Family Jumps From Fifth Floor During Fire (Video)


A family of four jumped from the fifth floor of their burning apartment building in Strunino, Russia, on May 22. A bystander on the street filmed the dramatic moments (video below).

A resident on the fourth floor accidentally started a fire while cooking pancakes, RT reports.

Vitaliy, the quick-thinking dad, tossed a carpet off his balcony and asked the people below to use it to catch his family, notes Russia's TVC channel.

However, the tricky part was tossing the children off the balcony as the smoke billowed and obstructed the view below.

First to go was Zhenya, an 11-month-old toddler who made it down safely. He was followed by his three-year-old sister, Ksenia, who was tossed through the smoke down to the waiting carpet held by the crowd.

"I thought of nothing but saving my children," Elena, the mom, told Bloknot, the website that originally posted the video.

Elena climbed over the edge of the balcony and took her leap of faith next.

After a moment of prayer, Vitaliy took the plunge, but injured his back and had to be taken to a hospital.

"My husband [realized] that we were not locked out," Elena told NewInform, which was translated by The Independent.

"Everything in the apartment was in the black smoke, and we strongly choked, Elena continued. "And I have a child with heart disease who is 11 months old. We got everything on the balcony, and my husband said ‘we will jump, otherwise we cannot escape.'"

Meanwhile, also in Russia, a 19-year-old woman, Maryana, attempted a bungee jump that went terribly wrong, reports the Daily Mail (video below).

Maryana was using a bungee cord to swing across a river when she slammed into the rocks on the other side, injuring her head and legs.

Fortunately, the young woman was wearing a safety helmet, which may have saved her life. She was taken to a hospital for her injuries.

Sources: RTThe Independent, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Bloknot Video/YouTube

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