'The Worst Crap': Family Discover Disgusting Insides Of 'New' Mattress (Video)


A family from Mexico made a shocking discovery when they opened up a "new" mattress that they had just purchased (video shown below).

The family had just bought the mattres and was reportedly excited to unwrap it after getting home from the store. Soon after removing the plastic packaging, however, family members began smelling something foul, the Daily Mirror reports.

Suspicious of their new purchase, they decided to open the mattress up and investigate.

They removed layer upon layer, each more rusted than the next, only to discover a rusted, soiled mess inside.

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The family quickly realized that what they bought was an old, rotting mattress covered with a top layer of material to make it appear new.

One family member, Daniel, posted video of the discovery on his Facebook page and referred to the mattress as "the worst crap."

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Watch video of the disgusting discovery below.

Sources: Daily Mirror, YouTube

Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk


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