Tech Experts: Should You Have Sex With Robots? (Video)


A group of technology experts debated on whether or not humans should have sexual and/or psychological relations with robots during the Web Summit technology conference in Dublin, Ireland, on Nov. 4. (Video below).

Kathleen Richardson, a senior researcher at De Montfort University in the U.K., began a "campaign against sex robots" earlier this year, notes CNBC.

"It's something we should be very concerned about ... because if people feel they can have an intimate relationship with a machine, that is saying something serious about how we're experiencing empathy with each other," Richardson told the conference, according to CNBC.

"We are losing our sense of humanity," Richardson added.

Sex with robots and other types of technology do appear to be on the horizon.

True Companion, a company located in New Jersey, is designing the world's first sex robot. Microsoft has already created Xiaoice, a chatbot smartphone app for China that allows people to type and get answers back for hours.

Nell Watson, a futurist, told the Dublin audience that chatbots can help people through breakups.

"I think machines can be a way to repair the hurt and trauma in ourselves," Watson said.

Jim Hunter, chief scientist at Greenwave Systems, added, "If a robot was in a therapeutic context with somebody ... then that might be helpful, but you've got to remember ... people are saying you can have this as a substitute and in the future it might be a replacement, and that's when we get into very dangerous territory."

A human-looking robot from 2010 made a splash on the web five years ago (video below), the Daily Mirror reports.

The Actroid F was reportedly mistaken for a real human being by half the people who saw "her," and "she" was even described as "sexy."

The robot could recognize body language, blink and respond to human eye contact. There's no word on whether she is currently single or in a relationship.

Sources: CNBC, Daily Mirror / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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