British Soccer Fans Toss Coins At Poor Kids (Video)

A group of British soccer fans were filmed on June 14 tossing coins at poor children in Lille, France (video below).

"There were eight or nine English who were laughing and joking at these poor youngers – pretending to give them money and then throwing coins at them," an unidentified witness told the Daily Express.

"These kids must have been no more than eight or nine [years-old]," the witness added. "It was pretty bad taste."

In the video, the kids are seen running for the coins as the soccer fans holler and laugh.

Michael Stothard, a Financial Times journalist, witnessed another incident of two British soccer fans "cheering on" a boy who was drinking a bottle of beer outside a pub in Lille on June 15, according to BuzzFeed news.

Stothard said after the boy drank the booze, "one of the fans then gave him a handful of coins, perhaps a few euros in change."

"It was quite clear that they had put him up to drinking it in the first place," Stothard added. "The same fan then gave the boy — who was stumbling around a bit — a newly lit cigarette. The boy took it but immediately threw it on the floor and stamped on it."

There have been a series of incidents involving British fans who are in France for the European Championships, the Daily Express notes.

UK fans reportedly got into a fight with some young people in Marseille, France, where England played Russia on June 11.

There were more skirmishes between Russian supporters and British fans, which landed 35 people in the hospital and resulted in 20 arrests.

Six Brits were jailed, including 20-year-old Alex Booth who told a French court: "I would like to say sorry to the police and to the people and city of Marseilles."

Booth, who was locked up for two months, added: "I’m not a violent person. I’ve never been involved in football hooliganism. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Sources: Daily Express, BuzzFeed News / Photo Credit: Max Allanazarov/Twitter via KuFu Channel/YouTube

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