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Emaciated Dogs Rescued From Home After Image Of Them Goes Viral (Photo)

The four emaciated dogs at a Pico Rivera, California, home that were captured huddling together, their ribs showing through their skin, in a disturbing photo that went viral on social media have been rescued.

The photo of the dogs was posted by Janette Gonzalez to Instagram and Facebook on Oct. 6 after it was taken by her friend.

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“ATTENTION!!!” read Gonzalez’s post to Facebook, according to The Daily Mail. "Everyone this is a case of neglect. I called animal control already but this needs more attention. A friend took this picture about an [hour] ago and this is the address where these poor babies are[:] 8912 Coffman and Pico [Rd.,] Pico Rivera[, CA]. I have so much pain in my heart right now I [don't] know what else to do but out these horrible people on blast. Help make this go viral. Something needs to happen. #‎pitbull #‎pitbullsneedlovetoo #‎pitbullrescue #‎pitbullsofinstagram #‎picorivera #‎animalcontrol #‎pitbulladvocate #‎pitbullsofficial."

Gonzalez wants to see justice served for the abuse the animals endured.

“It’s one of the saddest things just because … I have dogs of my own, I work at a dog store, so I can’t picture — especially puppies — going through that," Gonzalez told KTLA.

"I just don't want a small fine, a slap on the wrist-type of thing, I want to make sure that ... there is some sort of justice," she added.

Multiple dogs were removed from the property by the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority, including two German Shepherds and a Chihuahua, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s Pico Rivera Station.

Neighbor Laura Puente told KTLA that the Humane Society and police went to the property and a total of nine dogs were removed.

“…It was just outrageous to have that happen," Puente said of the dogs' treatment. "I want to know what is going on."

The dogs are currently being held at an animal shelter in Downey. Their conditions are unknown.

KTLA contacted a person at the Pico Rivera property where the dogs were removed from, but they declined to comment.

Sources: KTLA, The Daily Mail / Photo credit: Janette Gonzalez via The Daily Mail


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