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Elephant Escapes From Circus, Kills Man In Germany

A 34-year old female elephant recently escaped from Circus Luna and killed a man, 65, in Heilbronn, Germany.

The man was walking in the woods when he was attacked by the elephant, noted The Independent.

Two witnesses called the police.

When the man's wife went out looking for him, she found police on the scene with her dead husband.

The elephant was returned to its tent. A vet is going to examine the animal and decide if it should be euthanized, reports via Google Translate.

Police are investigating to find out if someone intentionally released the elephant, or if it escaped by itself. Authorities also want to know why the wild animal was aggressive towards the senior citizen. noted that accidents with circus elephants have happened in the past.

A boy, 12, had his jaw broken by an elephant's trunk in October 2012 by another female elephant from the same circus.

One man was tossed into the air by an elephant in September 2010 and injured.

Circus Luna has been criticized in the past for allegedly housing an elephant in a truck without enough heat.

(Note: The elephants and circus in the above picture are not part of Circus Luna)

Sources: The Independent, via Google Translate
Image Credit: Amy n Rob


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