Electroshock Treatment Is Used To 'Cure' Homosexuality In China (Video)


Some hospitals and clinics in China are using electroshock therapy to stop people from being gay, according to a newly-released undercover video (below).

Chinese activists went undercover in August to film this disturbing therapy as part of a TV program for Channel 4 in the UK.

In the video, a female clinician at a hospital advises an undercover activist to take a cold shower, go jogging, ingest a drug that will make him "feel sick" and to shock himself with a "small electric rod."

At another hospital, a male activist is given electroshock therapy by a female medical worker to stop his homosexual urges.

Homosexuality has not been considered a mental illness in China since 2011, however, these non-scientific treatments still take place even though a court ruled that a clinic had to pay Yang Teng, a 30-year-old man who claimed to be traumatized by the shocking treatments, in December 2014, notes Quartz.

An activist, who was part of the undercover filming in China, told Channel 4 that he was investigated by police for exposing the illegal activities.

Sources: Quartz, Channel 4 via YouTube / Photo Credit: Channel 4 Screenshot


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