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Elderly Woman Pushes Disabled Grandson 15 Miles A Day

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Shi Yuying, a 76-year-old grandmother, walks 15 miles every day, pushing her immobilized grandson to school -- and she has done that every day for four years.

Shi makes four return trips every day between school and home in China, according to the Daily Mail. She sends Jiang Haowen to his class and later, she makes sure he gets home on his wheelchair.

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Shi is the sole caretaker of 9-year-old Jiang, whose dad works in one of the nearby cities. The resolute grandmother said, "As long as I’ve got strength, I will carry on."​

If you had ever walked to school and complained about it, compare it to what this Chinese grandma goes through everyday for a good four years. Shiwalks an extraordinary [15 miles] every day just because she has to take her immobilized grandson to school.

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Jiang suffers from a brain condition called cerebral palsy, it affects co-ordination and movement. NHS Choices lets us understand that it is caused by an issue with the brain that happens before, during or after birth.

According to Netease, Jiang’s parents aren’t together any longer; they are divorced, with his mom marrying another and carrying on with her new life, while Jiang’s dad works in another city to help sustain the family, the Daily Mail reports.

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Shi has an inspiring attitude toward Jiang, thus assisting him to acquire an education.

According to the Daily Mail, she has to undergo four trips to Jiang’s school every day; once in the morning, again at midday, another in the afternoon and, lastly,­ one trip­ in the evening.

Shi made use of a bike to take him to school every other day. However, in 2017, the local authorities offered the pair a wheelchair. According to Shi, Jiang is very skilled with maths despite his state of health.

When Jiang was just 2 years old, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Shi, along with Jiang’s father, took him to Liuzhou and Nanning hospitals for treatment since he was experiencing difficulties in walking and talking. According to Huanqiu News, once the initial treatment and diagnosis had been completed, the family got into debt with all the medical bills, reports the Daily Mail.

In spite of this, Shi is out there searching for a school that has the capacity to fully handle Jiang's needs and interests.

There are quite a number of things that can cause a baby to have cerebral palsy, including decreased oxygen and blood supply to the brain or bleeding within the baby's brain; an infection carried by the mom while pregnant; temporary lack of oxygen to the brain during a problematic birth, and a serious head injury or meningitis.

There is no cure for the sufferers, though there are several treatments available to help them to be more liberated. There is physiotherapy, which comprises of stretching and exercise, a pill for muscle stiffness, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

According to NHS Choices, most children with the illness can live into adult life, while some live for a number of decades.

There is no denying that Shi’s resolve is to ensure that Jiang carries on with his youth regardless and that he gets the support and treatment he requires to live a long fruitful life is noteworthy.

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