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Patient Spends 20 Hours Unconscious On Toilet, Goes Unnoticed By Hospital Staff

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Tragedy struck in an Australian hospital when a man died after he suffered a stroke in the bathroom and remained unnoticed by the staff.

The staff at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia, is now under fire after their 67-year-old patient suffered a stroke while in the bathroom.

The man was even reported missing by his wife. Despite this, he was not discovered until 21 hours after the initial report by a bathroom cleaner who discovered him on a toilet.

The man has since died.

An investigation is now underway to find out the cause of negligence.

“We have gone back through the footage and see that he arrived and (we) weren’t aware that turned up at the outpatients,” said Dr. Andrew Montague to reporters at 9News.

According to the doctor, the staff is supposed to regularly check the toilets and rooms. From now on, he says, all rooms and bathrooms will be checked before the staff leaves.

The Health Minister of Australia Jillian Skinner addressed the issue in a statement saying, “This is a distressing case and I extend my sympathy to this gentleman and his family.” She went on to say that there was to be a “major investigation” of the issue.

“I have asked the hospital to keep me informed of the progress of the investigation,” Skinner said, “and of any further measures which would prevent a repeat of such an incident.”

Source: ABC, 9News / Photo credit: Sydney University


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