Elderly Couple Are Swept Out To Sea (Video)


An unidentified elderly couple was swept out to sea on Feb. 8 in Portsall, France, where storms have been slamming the country since Feb. 7 (video below).

The Local notes that weather agencies have been warning people to stay away from the coastline, but that didn't stop a young man in a yellow raincoat and the elderly people from braving the storm, with disastrous results.

In the video, the elderly man is taken out by a wave as his wife runs after him. The man in the yellow raincoat follows them.

The elderly woman is soon hit by a giant wave and also carried out to sea.

The man in the yellow raincoat hesitates for a second on the beach before going to help the seniors.

All three are then hit by another large wave, and the video ends.

According to the Le Telegramme newspaper, the seniors are 75 and 76 years old.

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Sources: The LocalLe Telegramme via Google Translate / Photo Credit: Olivier Lou/YouTube

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