Egyptian Border Guards Kill Naked Palestinian Man Trying To Swim Into Country (Video)


Egyptian border guards were caught on video (below) fatally shooting a naked, unarmed Palestinian man, Ishaq Khalil Hassan, who was trying to swim into the country from the Mediterranean Sea on Dec. 24.

"I don't think Hassan was fully aware or expecting that the Egyptian army would actually shoot at him," Hassan's cousin Ahmad told Al Jazeera.

Hassan was swimming around a fence to enter Egypt, known as the Rafah crossing point on the Gaza Strip, when the border guards began firing at him. The crossing point opens only three or four times a year, reports Al Jazeera.

Palestinian security officers yelled at Egyptian guards to stop shooting at Hassan, who was dead by the time he made it to the sand.

"Hassan was unemployed, desperate and deeply frustrated because of his inability to leave Gaza for treatment," Ahmad told Al Jazeera, referring to treatment for psychological problems. "But the Egyptians never allowed him to leave or cross the border."

Al Jazeera was unable to reach Egyptian armed forces spokesman Mohamad Samir for comment.

"It is clearly a cold-blooded execution, committed in broad daylight," Eyad al-Bozom, a spokesman for the Palestinian interior ministry in Gaza said in a statement, notes the Daily Mail. Islamist group Hamas currently controls Gaza.

Egypt's government has previously accused Hamas of assisting Muslim Brotherhood militants in Egypt's Sinai desert, but Hamas has denied the charges.

The Muslim Brotherhood lost power in Egypt when former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was overthrown by the Egyptian military in 2013. Morsi came into power after ex-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned in 2011 following protests.

WARNING: Video contains disturbing scenes.

Sources: Al Jazeera, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Al Jazeera Screenshot

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