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'Dusty' The Orphaned Kangaroo Is Convinced He's An Actual Dog (Photos)

A 2-year-old kangaroo, who was found on the side of the road in 2013 by an Australian family, is now living his life convinced that he is a dog.

Two years ago, rural farmer Ashley Stewart and his wife Felicity rescued Dusty the kangaroo from his mother’s pouch after she was killed by a car in a road accident, reports the Daily Mail.

Dusty has been living with Stewart’s family and their dogs, Lilly, a golden retriever, and Rosie, a border collie, on their farm near Esperance in Western Australia.

He rides around the property on the back of Stewart’s truck with the dogs, sleeps with them on a dog bed, eats with them, and loves dog treats.

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(Felicity Stewart via ABC Online)

“We weren’t sure he would even survive but we fed him and of course he’s just taken off from there,” Stewart told ABC Online. “He lives on the back patio. We’ve actually had to go and buy a third dog bed for him to sleep in because he used to pinch one of the beds from the dogs.”

Stewart said Lilly and Rosie love the kangaroo.

“He thinks Lilly is his mum, he’s always grooming her, they’re always together and if Lilly goes out of the yard he pines for her and sort of hops up and down the fence until he’s let out to go with her,” he said.

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(Felicity and Ashley Stewart via ABC Online)

Dusty has also learned some canine-like habits, like asking for scratches.

“He's either eating or sleeping. He's a very placid creature, and every time you walk out the door if he's not laying in his bed he comes up and wants a pat and a scratch,” Stewart said.

“He even puts his arms up and wraps them around you like he's giving you a cuddle,” he added.

Like many dogs, Dusty wears a collar so he has a greater chance of being found at nighttime.

"When he was little we let him out during the day and then we'd get him at night and lock him back up in the backyard and we couldn't find him because they don't make any noise and they just sit very still so I'd have to go out in the dark with a torch,” Stewart said. "So I got a collar and I put some reflective tape on it so it would shine out in the torch light and I could find him."

Sources: Daily MailABC Online

Photo Credit: Ashley Stewart, Felicity Stewart


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