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Drunk Man Kicks Woman For No Reason (Video)

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Authorities are investigating a drunk man in Barcelona after he ran up to a woman on the sidewalk and kicked her, causing her to fall to the curb.

Video of the incident (shown below) shows the man, dressed like he’d been having a night out on the town, counting down while a friend filmed. Shortly thereafter, the man runs up to a woman on the curb and kicks her in the back of the leg. As she falls, the man runs away and his friend stops filming.

“It could have been worse. he almost broke her leg. that's barbaric,” one viewer, Tim Tim, said on World Star Hip Hop.

“He could have broken her ankle, what an idiot,” LoverNotHater added.

According to the video description, police are searching for the drunk man who kicked the woman and have asked local residents that might have information about him to contact authorities.

Watch the drunken stunt below.

Sources: World Star Hip Hop, YouTube

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