Drug Dealing Couple Funds Expensive Wedding With Money From Government Benefits

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A cocaine dealing couple spent more than £40,000 [$62,988] on a wedding and thousands more on vacations and expensive cars while claiming benefits from the British government.

Carl and Donna Honey-Jones, of Swansea, Wales, reportedly set up a cocaine business that involved multiple members of their family, spending large sums of money on expensive vacations and cars. Top of the line BMW cars and a four-bedroom home completed the couple’s wealthy image.

Despite their apparent fortune, the couple simultaneously collected thousands in benefits and held minimum wage jobs as a cover for their illegal business. The drug dealing husband and wife spent frivolously until their luxury lifestyle caught the attention of authorities, who busted the drug network after raiding 11 addresses in Swansea.

Upon raiding the couple’s home, police discovered £750,000 [$1,181,025] worth of cocaine and almost £60,000 [$94,482] in cash. It was also discovered in the raid that the couple spent over £40,000 [$62,988] on both their wedding and the lavish family vacations.

Also arrested in the bust was Honey-Jones' father-in-law, Brian Harding, as well as cousin Matthew Jones — both of whom were reportedly heavily involved in the drug business. 

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The couple ultimately pleaded guilty to money laundering, and Carl Honey-Jones also admitted to conspiring to supply class A drugs.

“Carl Honey-Jones, you were the dealer principal, and in your case it financed an extravagant lifestyle of foreign holidays, a lavish wedding and luxury cars,” Judge Paul Thomas said in court. 

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“The sums involved were in the seven-figures, and you, Carl Honey-Jones, were at the very top of that conspiracy. “Although it was lucrative, the operation that you led was inept and amateurish. Top-of-the-range cars and luxury brands in Penlan Road were bound to attract suspicion.”

Carl Honey-Jones was given a nine year sentence, while Matthew was sentenced to eight years behind bars and Brian Harding to five-and-a-half. 

Sources: Daily Mirror, Wales Online

Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk, walesonline.co.uk


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