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Drone Flies Over Nude Beach, Sunbathers Worried About Pictures

Sunbathers claim a drone recently flew over the Studland nudist beach in Dorset, England, and possibly took pictures.

ITV News notes that several sunbathers are concerned about how the possible pictures might be used by the drone operator.

"The machine went along the whole stretch of Studland so the owner could not be identified. For obvious reasons, naturists need to know who it was," a Studland United Nudist group representative, told the Daily Mail.

The beach is public, but some nudists use a patch of sand behind some dunes. There are several signs that alert patrons of the nude sunbathing area.

Jon Bish, a spokesperson of the National Trust, which runs the beach, said:

"The flying of drones over National Trust land is not allowed without permission — which was not sought or given on this occasion.

"We would ask anyone who witnesses an incident of this kind at Studland to speak to a beach ranger or contact us so that we can take action.

"We also require drone operators to identify themselves, use signage to make the public aware that filming is taking place and to respect the privacy of our visitors."

Sources: Daily Mail, ITV News / Photo credit: peter lloyd/Geograph


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