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Car Drives Into People At 'Go Skate Day' Event (Video)

An unidentified driver plowed through a crowd of skateboarders June 25 during a "Go Skate Day" event in Sao Paulo, Brazil (video below).

"Lots of people were running, some guys tried to smash the car, of course," witness Ezequiel Magalhaes reported, according to "But a lot of people just ran trying to protect themselves while the guy zigzagged trying to hit the crowd."

In video clips posted on social media sites, a Black Ford EcoSport is seen roaring through the oncoming skateboarders, knocking them down and tossing them into the air upon impact.

Edgar Victor, another witness, told UOL Daily News that "The car was dragging the skaters, there were people on top of the hood, they started to scream, to skate away, and when they got up here, the windows [of the car] were already broken."

Reportedly, no one was killed, but there were multiple injuries.

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The car's owner was identified by the license plate number, but the driver has not been found yet.

There were an estimated 20,000 participants expected at the event, which drew 15,000 people in 2016.

The Mirror Online notes that one man held onto the black SUV's hood as the driver attempted to shake him off while plowing through people.

Some skaters smashed their boards against the car as it barreled down the street.

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The driver somehow managed to escape the scene on foot after abandoning the car on the road.

The event was supposed to be celebrated June 21, but Sao Paulo delayed the celebration until June 25 so that some of the city's roads could be closed.

There were numerous comments on

OK. There has to be something being injected into the atmosphere.

It's time for a political debate about banning black evil assault SUV's and get them out of the streets.

That's what they get for being "sk8erz."

..[O]ne can clearly recognize Putin on the steering wheel.

"[T]he driver has yet to be found" what, did he beam-up or something? [H]ow could he slip past the crowd of skaters that he just rammed?

Like my mom used to say, the roads is where motorized vehicles play. STAY OFF THE ROAD if you use a bicycle, skateboard, roller blades or any other locomotion that has less than 5 horse power.

"[T]he driver responsible has yet to be found" - i suspect they won't find much of him left.

I am in Sao Paulo .... the traffic department did not isolate properly the access to the street skate event ... so the car entered the street unaware of what was happening there and next second skaters were breaking the car windows ... as the driver had his wife and children inside, he got in panick an just had alternative to accelerate the car, otherwise skaters would definetively be hurting his family in the car ... the fault was again of horrible incompetent city traffic department!!!! I would have done the same in his situation!!

Sources:, Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Stig Nygaard/Flickr, Jarek Tuszynski/Wikimedia Commons, Ernie/Wikimedia Commons

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