'Don't Tell On Me': 10-Year-Old Who Killed Younger Boy Excitedly Told Friends About Murder (Photos)


The murder of a 6-year-old Canadian boy, Lee Bonneau, was heartbreaking enough considering that the young boy’s life was cut so short, but the story got even more unfathomable when details of Bonneau’s killer — a 10-year-old boy — began to emerge.

While a search was underway for the then-missing 6-year-old in August of 2013, his killer — identified only as L.T. — was describing to friends a murder he claimed to have witnessed. He told his friends that he saw a “big guy” hitting the boy three times with a stick, pushing him down an embankment and then hitting him with a rock. Later, however, his story changed. L.T. soon began telling friends that he was the one that killed Bonneau. “Don’t tell on me,” he reportedly told his friends, afraid of going to jail.

On Aug. 21, 2013, Bonneau accompanied his foster mother to a bingo game. At around 8:00 p.m., he stepped outside to get a snack and never returned. Later that night, he was found critically injured and died just minutes later. He was pronounced dead at the hospital from blunt force trauma to the head. Forensic pathologist Dr. Shaun Ladham told reporters that Bonneau’s injuries were ones that don’t “happen easily.”

“We’re looking at considerable force,” he said.

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The following day, L.T. reverted back to his original story when being questioned by authorities, even giving them a name of the supposed killer. According to L.T., he walked up to the man and asked what he was doing. “I’m just killing a little boy,” the man allegedly said to him.

During a forensic interview, L.T. was asked by investigators about bloodstains on his clothes, and he blamed them on a nosebleed. The boy reportedly has a history of troubling behavior, including an incident in which he broke into a home and killed a pregnant dog and her puppies.

“I believe L.T. was responsible for the death of Lee Bonneau,” primary investigator Donna Zawislak said.

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L.T., who reportedly did not react when authorities told him that Bonneau had been murdered, will not be charged for the killing because of his age.

Sources: Daily Mail, National Post / Photo Credit: news.nationalpost.com, dailymail.co.uk


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