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'Don't Let People Bully You': 64-Year-Old Man Chases Armed Robbers Out Of Store (Video)

Three masked burglars picked the wrong gas station to try to rob after being chased out of the store by a 64-year-old man.

Keith Butler was working the afternoon shift at a gas station in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, on May 25 when he got some unexpected visitors, reports Daily Mail.

Surveillance cameras (video below) captured the moment three masked men apparently barged into the shop and attempted to rob the gas station, but there was one problem: Butler was a black belt karate student.

Butler is seen grabbing a bat from underneath the counter and starts swinging away. He gets into a brief tussle with one the robbers before they all retreat. Butler then chases them out of the store.

A New South Wales police spokeswoman told the Daily Mail Australia that one of the burglars was armed with a knife and demanded cash. Still, Butler was able to defend himself and managed to escape the incident with just a small graze and some swelling.

“I'm small, the thing is people who are small react in that way, the way you come up in life, you don't let people bully you,” Butler, who is a former boxer, told 9 News. “I'd like to say to the three guys if they're watching this, get yourselves a job, you'll earn more money.”

The spokeswoman confirmed a female colleague was also working at the shop at the time of the attempted robbery. Police are investigating the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, 9 News

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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