Dogs Attempt Quick Getaway From Yarmouth Animal Hospital

Residents of Yarmouth in Canada got a real shock last Thursday when a car pulled out of a parking lot at an animal hospital and began slowly rolling down the street. Rather than seeing a pair of human occupants, passersby were stunned to see two dogs sitting side by side in the driver and passenger seats.

Harry d’Entrement, who had been enjoying a coffee with a friend, could not believe what he was seeing. But he still had time to snap a picture of the incident before the dogs’ owner came rushing out of the hospital to put an end to the hilarity.

When he first noticed the vehicle, d’Entrement had no idea that anything out of the ordinary was taking place.

“At a glance, I thought it was a couple of old ladies driving a little car,” d’entrement told CBC News.

But as it drew nearer, he realized it was two dogs.

“I was kind of speechless, I couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing,” he said.

D’Entrement and his friend quickly got out of their car to stare at the two dogs.

It was later revealed that the owner had left his vehicle in neutral while he went in to the animal hospital, allowing the car to gradually roll forward in to the street. Luckily, it didn’t have a chance to pick up much speed. The owner was extremely apologetic for the commotion that had been caused.

But everyone involved seemed to be good humored about the incident, and no one was injured. The fact that it took place outside of an animal hospital only added to the amusement, making it appear as if the dogs were trying to make a quick getaway.

D’Entrement remarked, “It’s the funniest thing I’d seen in years.”

Sources: CBC,Nova News Now

Photo Source: CBC


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