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Dog Thieves Beaten, Tied To Dead Animals For Hours By Chinese Villagers (Photos)

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Two Chinese men accused of being dog thieves were beaten for hours and tied to the animals they had reportedly killed by angry villagers seeking justice. 

Disturbing images released after the incident showed the two alleged thieves, bloody and restrained by the locals, who tied the dead animals to them. According to reports, the men were caught on June 2 stealing and killing dogs for meat in a village in China's Hunan province. 

The alleged thieves were subsequently captured by horrified residents and attacked for nine hours, reports Daily Mail. 

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Later, police reportedly arrived at the scene to free the two men, prohibiting the mob justice. The villagers allegedly demanded 1 million yuan, around $161,000, from authorities in exchange for the two men, otherwise they would not be freed. At around 4 p.m., the villagers reportedly attacked the officers with metal bars and rocks, reported by People's Daily Online via Daily Mail.

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Hours later, public security officers reportedly arrived and calmed the villagers down. The two dog thieves were taken into police custody, and an investigation is underway.

Sources: Daily Mail, People’s Daily Online

Photo Credit: Via Daily Mail


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