Dog Saves Newborn Abandoned In Dumpster, Photos Go Viral In Middle East (Photos)


A dog rescued a newborn baby girl after she was abandoned near a dumpster, a Saudi Arabian newspaper reported (photos may be graphic). The incident is believed to have happened somewhere in the Middle East.

Sometime in late October, a dog rescued an infant abandoned near a waste bin and took her to a nearby home.

The occupants of the house reportedly then rushed the girl to the hospital.

Photos of the faun-colored animal carrying the infant, who still has her umbilical cord attached, in its mouth were taken by local residents and have now gone viral on the Internet.

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Sada, a daily newspaper in Saudi Arabia, first picked up on the story after the photos went viral on Middle Eastern social media. 

The newspaper reported that the exact location of the incident was unknown, and that it was not clear whether the event took place within the Persian Gulf, a region in the Middle East that includes Saudi Arabia.

“Those who posted the pictures said the dog carried the baby to the nearest house, whose occupants rushed her to the hospital…the baby’s life was saved by the dog,” the paper said.

The paper added that the infant was likely abandoned near the waste bin by her mother.

According to a 2009 Progress for Children report published by UNICEF, about 300,000 children are living without parental care in the Middle East and Africa.

Sources: Health24.com, Emirates247.com, UNICEF

Photo Credit: Sada via Health24.com, Sada via Emirates247.com

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