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Dog Remains By Injured Owner's Side

A dog remained by his injured owner's side all the way to the hospital.

According to Fox, Cirilo Sanchez was hospitalized after being injured during a dispute with a neighbor. 

As Paraguayan authorities put Sanchez in a truck to transport him to the local causality ward in Asuncion, his dog and loyal companion Bandido, refused to leave his side and ran alongside the car. He eventually jumped into the back of the vehicle where Sanchez was riding. Upon arriving to the ward, police said Bandido waited outside for his owner.

“My dog comes along with me everywhere,” Sanchez said. “He won’t let me go anywhere by myself and since he is my faithful friend, he came along.”

Sanchez was later released from the hospital, and has returned home with Bandido.

A similar story was reported by the Daily Mail in May, where a police dog remained by his fallen officer's side after a fatal car accident.

Reporting from the Guardian suggests the bond between dogs and their owners, much like the bond between a mother and her children, is reinforced by hormone surges during eye contact between canine and person.

Sources: Fox, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Photo Credit: (CEN)(Europics/Twitter)


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