Dog Dies After Rescuing Seven People From Earthquake


Dayko, a 4-year-old rescue dog, died on April 22 after rescuing seven victims of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Ibarra, Ecuador.

The white Labrador, who worked for the Ibarra fire department, was searching for survivors trapped under rubble from the quake of April 16 when he died from exhaustion, notes The Telegraph.

The Ibarra fire department's Facebook page said Dayko suffered "heat stroke [that] happens because the dogs don't have a very efficient system to regulate temperature; which do not allow [them to] remove heat through perspiration as human beings. The [dogs] regulate the heat of [their bodies] through the gas exchange and they do it through [their] breath."

Ecuador's emergency management authority said on April 23 that 654 people had died from the earthquake, reported Reuters.

There were also about 16,600 people people injured, and 58 more missing along Ecuador's Pacific coast.

Almost 7,000 buildings were destroyed, 25,000 people were forced to live in shelters. Around 14,000 security personnel are patrolling damaged areas in an effort to stop looting.

"These have been sad days for the homeland," Ecuador's President Rafael Correa stated during his weekly TV broadcast on April 23. "The country is in crisis."

The government has provided food, water and medicine to most of the survivors, but some areas have been hard to reach.

According to Correa, the estimated damage caused by the earthquake is between $2 and $3 billion.

Ecuador has already suffered income losses from the drop in world oil prices. The government plans to raise taxes temporarily and sell assets and issue bonds to pay for the country's reconstruction.

The banks that are part of Ecuador's private banking association are planning to defer payments for three months on credit cards, loans and mortgages for quake victims.

The country has also been hit with more than 700 aftershocks, which have not added to the damage, but did rattle nerves.

Sources: The Telegraph, Cuerpo De Bomberos Ibarra Ibarra/Facebook, Reuters / Photo credit: Cuerpo De Bomberos Ibarra Ibarra/Facebook

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