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Mom Chops Off 2-Year-Old Son's Leg With Meat Cleaver

A mother from China was arrested on March 9 after chopping off her 2-year-old son's leg with a meat cleaver.

The 30-year-old mother was in a heated argument with the boy's grandmother at their home in Ningxia, China. In a fit of rage, the mother grabbed the boy and cut off his right leg with a cleaver, according to the Daily Mail.

Neighbors heard screaming emanating from the house and called the police. When the authorities arrived, the mother refused to let them inside and kept all the doors locked, according to Express. Police had no choice but to break the windows of the house's sitting room to enter the property.

The mother, identified only as Mrs. Wang, was immediately detained and the young boy was transported to a local hospital. One officer was reported to be seen running from the crime scene and handing a plastic bag containing the boy's severed leg to the paramedics.

Doctors were able to successfully reattach the boy's leg. Because of the extreme blood loss, the leg suffered severe muscle death. However, at this time, the long-term effects of the boy's injury remain unclear. He is currently under surveillance at the hospital's intensive care unit.

Authorities suggest that Mrs. Wang suffered a mental break at the time of the attack, but there is no confirmation that she has been suffering from any mental illness. It is also unclear if the boy's grandmother, Mrs. Wang's mother-in-law, was harmed during the incident.  

In a similar story, a mother from Zimbabwe cut off her 2-year-old son's penis after she deemed it was "too big for his age." The country's state-run paper, Chronicle, reported on March 14 that the woman suffered a psychotic episode and had been entered into a psychiatric ward. 

"We were shocked when we heard that she had cut her son's privates," said a family member. "Neighbors said she called them screaming for help after chopping off the boy's penis. which she described as too big for his age."

"We're equally shocked and sad that the boy will live without his manhood for the rest of his life," she continued. "It was a traumatic incident and we hope both him and the mother will recover."

A nurse from the Ingutsheni Central Hospital confirmed to Chronicle that the boy has been at the hospital since January and that he "suffered a traumatic amputation." The nurse also revealed tha the mother has been considered "a hazard to the child and other patients as she exhibited violent tendencies." 

Sources: Daily Mail, Express, Chronicle / Photo Credit: Michael Coghlan/Flickr

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