English Mother Who Stamped On Baby Due For Sentencing


An English court will hand out a prison sentence on April 11 to a mother who gave her baby "car crash" injuries by stamping her to death in 2014.

On April 8, the court found Kathryn Smith, 23, guilty of murdering her 21-month-old daughter, Ayeeshia Smith, the Mirror reports.

Witnesses report hearing the child repeatedly scream, “Stop mummy, stop daddy” during the vicious attack.

Officials later revealed Kathryn was using cannabis at the time of the murder, which she was using her governmental benefits money to fund.

Ayeeshia’s stepfather, 22-year old Matthew Rigby, was found guilty of causing or allowing the baby’s death, although he was not involved in the murder.

The parents are not the only ones under fire -- doctors and social workers are as well.

Further investigations revealed the attack was just one of many on the child. Authorities and doctors allegedly did not notice or take action.

One children’s charity accused authorities of missing more than 20 opportunities to save the child.

In 2013 Ayeeshia had been in foster care but was discharged back to her mother.

A month before the fatal attack, Ayeeshia required medical attention for a cut lip that may have been “caused by an inflicted blow,” said pediatrician Dr. Kathryn Ward.

In addition to a heart laceration that killed the baby, medical examinations show the child also had brain and spinal injuries from previous attacks.

“The concerning thing for me about Ayeeshia was that from the beginning of 2014, there appears to be a pattern of this child not just having the sort of tumbles that children of this age have but of having a pattern of injuries,” Ward said. "While one can't be clear as to whether these were definitely inflicted injuries or not, there was certainly a concerning pattern of a child presenting with significant injury."

While officials investigate the case, Ayeeshia’s family members struggle to come to terms with her death, The Guardian reports.

“I now wish my daughter had been placed in permanent care as she may well have been alive and still with us now,” said Ayeeshia’s father, Ricky Booth. “Nothing will bring my daughter back and I hope in time the anger goes away and I am left with the limited time I had with AJ and not the thought of her suffering.”

Sources: Mirror,The Guardian / Photo credit Mirror

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