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Doctors Remove Nearly 10-Inch-Long Flashlight From Man's Anus

A man with the surname Cai in Guangzhou, China, refused to tell doctors how he wound up with a nearly 10-inch plastic flashlight in his anus, Shanghaiist reported. 

On the morning of Aug. 8, 40-year-old Cai went to First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou's University of Chinese Medicine, where doctors had to remove the object surgically through his abdomen, Guangzhou Daily reported. 

Cai’s surgery lasted two hours, but he is now recovering.

"He is in stable condition and will remain in observation for two days to monitor for intestinal bleeding,” said Dr. Sun Feng, who also warned anal blockage could be life-threatening. He added that he’d only seen two similar cases in his career and the most recent one involved a chef who had a cucumber lodged in his anus.

Cai’s family said the object might have been lodged in his body following an argument at a bar, but the patient has not disclosed any information.

Sources: Shanghaiist, Guangzhou Daily / Photo credit: Guangzhou Daily


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