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Doctors Fired For Dancing Around Unconscious Patient (Photos)

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Five Colombian doctors and nurses have been fired after a video surfaced online showing the medics dancing around an unconscious, naked patient.

The video shows the medical staff in scrubs laughing at, and dancing around, the patient lying face down on an operating table.

The video was taken by a member of the surgical team as other nurses and doctors shimmy and dance around the patient, who is prepped for surgery, reports the Daily Mail.

Once online, the pre-operation dance video quickly went viral.

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The video was taken inside the Santa Cruz de Bocagrande clinic, in the city of Cartegena, in Columbia's northern Bolivar department, reports the Mirror.

Colombian authorities confirmed that the five workers recorded dancing -- including nurses, doctors and other medical staff -- have all since been fired. Officials have called the actions in the video disgraceful, saying the video breaks every health protocol the clinic has in place.

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"The respect for dignity of every patient is the most important thing in our clinic, therefore we strongly regret the inappropriate behavior of those who are working as professionals in the health sector, seen in the video recorded in one of our surgery rooms," the clinic said in a statement.

The clinic's statement further explained why the doctors and nurses had been fired. "Their actions are against the dignity of the patient and are breaking the protocols and the political values of our institution focused on the quality and humanization of our service."

It is unclear why the man was in the clinic or what surgery he was being prepped for. The sedated man's face and body are blurred in the video, so at this point it is unknown whether or not the patient is aware of his role.

It was also unclear what song the doctors and nurses were dancing to, or what the particular dances mean. But the medics' laughter and repeated gesticulation towards the patient's blurred privates suggests they were laughing at the patient's expense.

The clinic's statement ended with a sincere apology. According to the clinic, this is "the first time in seven years of good service that we are living a situation like this and we have taken some measures in order not to repeat these horrific acts."

It is currently unknown what measures the clinic has taken other than firing those responsible for the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Mirror / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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