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Doctor Pulls Dead Rat Out Of Man's Bellybutton (Video)

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A disturbing video (below) captured the moment an alleged doctor in Brazil pulled a dead rat from a man’s bellybutton.

In the video, the man is lying on his back while the supposed doctor appears to dig around in his bellybutton with his fingers. What appears to be a nurse stands by, pouring water in the bellybutton to help the doctor navigate and find the rodent.

The doctor eventually finds the rat and seems to pull it out, placing it on the man’s stomach to examine it.

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Reaction to the graphic video was mixed, with some claiming the entire incident was staged.

“That is some really mildly interesting sleight of hand right there,” one viewer wrote on YouTube, reports the Mirror.

The video, which was apparently shot in Brazil, garnered more than 7,000 views after it was initially uploaded last week. 

Sources: Mirror, YouTube

Photo credit: Mirror, YouTube Screenshot


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