Human Remains Found Outside Toronto Butcher Shop


Officials found human remains in the trash outside a butcher shop in Canada on April 19.

Authorities say they found only a partial torso of what they believe may belong to a white female, CBC reports.

A worker at the Toronto store found the body parts while taking out the trash that morning.

"Typically the garbage bins are empty, and he noticed that when he pulled the bin out, it had some weight to it," butcher shop owner Jim Cheung said, reports CTV News.

That’s when Cheung’s employee called to tell his boss, “I think I found part of a person,” Oye Times reports.

“He knows how to cut meat, so as soon as he dumped the bin he realized this isn’t normal,” said Cheung.

“I couldn’t believe what he was telling me. When he called me, I could tell in his voice he was panicking. He wasn’t his normal, calm self. I said, ‘I’m coming right now’ and I called 911,” Cheung added.

Shop employees said they believe the body parts had been there for a "very, very short time.”

What’s more, authorities believe the rest of the body may be nearby.

"The fact that we only have a torso suggests that the remaining parts could possibly be in the vicinity," Detective Sgt. Terry Browne said. "I would be surprised if there aren't more parts somewhere in the area.”

While it’s unclear who the suspects are, police don’t appear to be suspicious of the employees at this time.

"The shop they run here is pretty tight," Browne said. "They certainly would have reason to be coming back and forth to the back lot."

Still, authorities are investigating any piece of information that may lead to solving the crime.

"We certainly have what appears to be an indignity to a body, and then we work our way backwards and find out how that person may have met their demise," Browne said.

Police are asking for tips on any suspicious activity near the butcher shop.

Sources: CBC, CTV News, Oye Times / Photo credit: CBC

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