Ancient Remains Found In Mass Graves In Greece (Photos)


Archaeologists have reportedly discovered two 7th century BC mass graves in Athens, Greece, which contain the skeletons of 80 men; researchers believe these men were followers of the would-be tyrant Cylon of Athens.

The skeletons of 80 young men were found placed side-by-side with their arms held above their heads in shackles.

Researchers reportedly believe the men were murdered prisoners based on the discovery of an arrow stuck in the shoulder of one skeleton.

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Chief Archaeologist Stella Chrysoulaki revealed the findings at the Central Archaeological Council on April 14, Raw Story reports.

The council will be launching further investigations into the findings, based on the "high importance of these discoveries."

Archaeologists have dated the mass graves from between 675 and 625 BC, using two small vases found among the bodies.

Thirty-six of the skeletons had their hands bound together with iron. One skeleton, the last to be found in March, had his legs tied together with rope, according to Daily Mail.

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Researchers said the men were likely followers of the would-be tyrant Cylon, who led a failed coup in Athens in the 7th century BC.

The teeth of many of the men were found to be in good condition, which led archaeologists to believe they were young men, further evidence that they were supporters of Cylon.

Sources: Daily MailRaw Story / Photo Credit: ZUMA/W/REX/Shutterstock via Daily Mail, AFP via Raw Story

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