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Bullies Force Disabled Man To Eat Sandwich Filled With Maggots And Excrement

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Two teenagers forced a disabled man to eat a sandwich filled with maggots and excrement.

Matthew Newell, a 32-year-old man who has Williams’ syndrome — which affects his mental age — was reportedly fishing at a lake in Merseyside, England, on June 6 with his 11-year-old cousin when two teenage boys approached them and began teasing him. Newell’s brother, 28-year-old Daniel, said the teens handed him a sandwich and forced him to take a bite.

As he began to eat the sandwich, Newell realized it was full of maggots and excrement. The bullies then started encouraging Newell to jump into the lake, which prompted his cousin to call his aunt for help. When the aunt arrived, the boys fled.

“Matthew was in hysterics, traumatized,” Daniel said. “He hasn't cried since he was 6, but he was shaking and crying. He's never had problems there before — he used to go every day, as we can see it from our house and it's the only time he has some independence. But now they've taken that away from him — he doesn't want to go down there.”

Newell, who has the mental age of a child and also suffers from an immune condition called granulomatous disorder, was subsequently supported by others in his community following the disturbing incident. After Daniel shared his brother’s story on Facebook, he reportedly received hundreds of messages of support.

“Matthew's excited that when he does go out again people will look out for him,” Daniel said.

Daniel Newell said he plans to report the incident to the police, but for now he hopes that his brother’s story will deter bullying in the future. 

Sources: Metro, Daily Mirror 

Photo Credit: Liverpool Echo via Metro


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