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Did TV Crew Film A Ghost In Haunted Castle? (Video)

"The Keeper," a famous ghost, may have been filmed by a TV crew inside Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire, England (video below).

The image appears to be a shadow standing against a wall, and then suddenly it starts moving.

The TV series, "The Past Hunters," is about professional ghost hunters.

Bex Palmer, the co-director of the series, is the woman seen in the video.

Palmer told the Daily Mirror:

It was so scary. I am quite tough on investigations but I was terrified because it seemed as though it was coming towards us.

...The curator Lesley Smith mentioned a shadowy figure later on and when we told her what we’d seen, it completely matched up.

She was just as excited as us that we’d captured it on camera, we couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks afterwards.

Derek Acorah, the man in the video, is a psychic medium.

Acorah reportedly felt that a spirit was following the crew when they first walked around the castle. There were also noises that sounded like rattling and footsteps before the shadowy figure appeared.

Viewers may assume that a member of the TV crew was casting the shadow, but Palmer stated:

To be sure that what we’d seen wasn’t a shadow from one of the team, the cameraman swooped around the room with the camera to check no-one else was there.

We normally like to try and debunk things that we see because we still sit on the fence when it comes to ghosts, but we don’t think there’s any other explanation for what we saw.

The castle also holds a dark chapter in the history of England's beloved royal family. Queen Elizabeth I imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots four times in the castle. notes there have been creepy sightings of weird things in the past in the castle, such as a man in full armor.

Sources: Daily Mirror, / "The Past Hunters" Screenshot


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