Did Earthworms Rain Down From The Sky Over Norway?


Thousands of earthworms have mysteriously appeared in Bergen, Norway.

Biology teacher Karstein Erstad made the weird discovery while skiing on Sunday.

“I saw thousands of earthworms on the surface of the snow,” Erstad told The Local. “When I found them on the snow they seemed to be dead, but when I put them in my hand I found that they were alive.”

Erstad doesn't think the earthworms would have crawled up through the snow because of the thickness of the powder, which means they would have fallen from the sky.

After Erstad’s discovery was made public, there have been numerous reports of worms raining down from the sky in southern Norway.

According to The Independent, one theory is that the worms were lifted and dropped by a major air pocket, while another theory is that water spouts may have picked up the worms and delivered them from miles away.

Erstad claims that the phenomenon goes back to the 1920s in Norway.

“People have now observed the same phenomenon in many places in Norway,” Erstad told The Local. “It’s very peculiar, I don’t know why so many people have discovered it. I don’t know if there have been some special weather conditions lately.”

Worms fell from the sky at a school in Galashiels, Scotland, in 2011, reported STV News in 2011.

Sources: The Local,The Independent, STV News
Image Credit: Michael Linnenbach


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