Did Cops Remove Amputee's Prosthetic Limbs? (Video)


A disturbing video (below) posted on Facebook on May 3 shows an amputee, Francois Bayga, sitting on the floor of a train station in Paris, France, with his prosthetic legs scattered around him and three police officers walking away.

In the video, Jean-didier Bakekolo, who posted the footage on his Facebook page, shouts, "Officer, officer, we need you," as the cops depart.

"Officer, turn back please," Bakekolo adds. "This is humiliation, it is not normal."

However, the police keep walking away.

Bayga told France 24 that the cops asked to his see identification papers, which he did not have. Bayga said that he gave the police his phone, AME map (state medical aid) and registration card for the wheelchair rugby club.

According to Bayga, he told the cops that he lived in a shelter, and they accused him of stealing his phone. Bayga said the officers then pinned him against a wall, and one of the cops pulled on his leg.

Bayga recalled telling the police that he wore prosthetic legs, but they allegedly insisted on searching him and had him remove both legs.

The police left moments later, according to Bayga, who said he was grateful there were witnesses to assist him in putting his legs back on. Bayga said he "felt completely humiliated" by the cops.

Bayga filed a complaint on May 5 with the Paris Police Department, and an investigation has reportedly been launched into the incident. The video has since gone viral on Facebook and caused outrage throughout the country.

An unidentified police source told Europe 1 that Bayga was urinating on a train platform, and police confronted him. The source added that Bayga chose to remove his legs in his own defense.

Bakekolo, who filmed the video, told France 24: "I found myself in front of a search of unspeakable brutality at the Gare de Lyon. [...] The officers forced the man to undress the poor was left without prosthesis to demonstrate its cooperation in the eyes of the law."

Sources: France 24 via Google Translate, RT.com, Europe 1 / Photo Credit: Jean-didier Bakekolo/Facebook

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