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Deaf Man's Sister Organizes A Heartwarming Surprise (Video)

A woman recently went above and beyond to do something kind for her brother Muaharrem, who is deaf.

Buzzfeed reported Ozlem teamed up with the Leo Burnett ad firm and Samsung to teach all of their neighbors in Istanbul how to communicate using sign language. The two companies spent a month setting up cameras around the neighborhood to create an ad for Samsung Turkey’s new video call center, which will help the hearing impaired.

In the ad, the brother and sister duo wander the neighborhood. It seems like a normal day until a local shopkeeper greets Muaharrem in sign language.

He’s surprised by another neighbor, who signs at Muaharrem to offer him an apple. Muaharrem questions his sister, but another woman bumps into him and offers an apology in sign language.

After a cab driver greets Muaharrem in sign language, he drives the brother and sister to a public square, where their neighbors greet him in sign language.

Muaharrem was moved to tears by the efforts of his family and neighbors.

Source: Buzzfeed Image via Buzzfeed


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