Daredevil Climbed 72-Story Building, Arrested By Cops (Video)

Sergey Devlyashov was arrested by police after he scaled the 72-story Eurasia Tower in Moscow on June 16 (video below).

The so-called "Russian Spiderman" scaled the outside of the 1,013-foot skyscraper while dozens of people watched and his friends filmed the event live on YouTube, notes RT.com.

Emergency crews lowered safety ropes to Devlyashov, who refused their assistance.

When he reached the top, the police were there to greet him with handcuffs.

Devlyashov, who was slapped with an $85 fine and an administrative offense for "breaking into a guarded object," told Life: "I’ve been [climbing tall buildings] for seven to eight years now. But this is my first skyscraper. Before I’d only climbed buildings as tall as 40-45 floors."

Devlyashov was filmed jumping off a crane and swinging around like a real-life Spiderman above a city in May 2016 by his friend, Sergey Valyaev, a Russian producer and action cinematographer, noted the New York Post.

In March, daredevil Oleg Sherstyachenko was filmed doing his morning workout on the ledge of a skyscraper, reported Mirror Online.

The 25-year-old performed daring stunts, including a headstand, while a friend filmed for 80 seconds. The video was aptly titled: "CRAZY Morning Workout ON THE EDGE."

In 2015, Sherstyachenko said he had climbed nearly 50 buildings: "I can only compare it to a computer game -- except here if there is an error or loss, you cannot start the game again. I like the height and enjoy doing great shots to see the reactions of those who subscribe to my Instagram."

Russian daredevils are not limited to males with a death wish.

In February, Russian model Viki Odintcova shocked her Instagram fans by hanging 1,000 feet off a skyscraper in Dubai while an assistant held her hand, reported The Telegraph.

The wild stunt was filmed and later posted on Instagram by the 22-year-old model who wrote: "I still can’t believe I did it. Every time I watch the video my palms go sweaty."

The Telegraph noted some of the angry reactions from her fans:

How can you disregard your life like that? If I was your parent I would smack both you and the guy with the beard!

A very bad example for the youth.

This is so dumb, i have no words for it. Seems like some 11 year olds want to get attention at all costs.

[C]razy! looks like god gave you beauty, but seems like he forgot to grace you with a brain.

Sources: RT.comNew York PostMirror OnlineThe Telegraph / Photo credit: Igor3188/Wikimedia Commons

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