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Danish Couple Brutally Attacked With Iron Chains On Christmas Eve

A Danish couple were attacked by four Somali immigrant youths last Christmas Eve and brutally beaten with iron chains in the street. Nanna Skovmand, 23, and her boyfriend Mads Schollhammer were on their way home from Christmas Eve with Schollhammer’s family at midnight when the assault occurred.

Reports say the the couple from Vestbro in Copenhagen were walking along the street when a group of youths aged 16  or 17 came cycling by, seeming confrontational.

“‘What are you looking at? Do you have a problem,’ he told us several times and got off his bike,” Skovmand said, reports

Skovmand recalled Schollhammer’s response to the teen and asking what he wanted, having been what set the boy off. Skovmand said the teen jumped on Schollhammer, using a bottle to hit him in the head before several more attackers emerged from a basement with iron chains.

According to the indictment, Schollhammer “received several blows to the head with a chain lock and wire lock, and the accused gave him ‘countless’ punches and kicks to the head and body. Schollhammer fell down, but the defendants continued to beat him in the head and body with fists and the chain lock, and they kicked him in the body and head.”

Although Skovmand said Schollhammer encouraged her to run away, she stayed to intervene, afraid that if she left, her boyfriend would be killed. The teens then turned their attention to Skovmand, according to BuzzPo, who was also beaten with the same iron chains and padlock.

Both Skovmand and Schollhammer had serious injuries, which included knocked out teeth, gashes and severe bruising.

Reports state that at the court hearing following the assault, the suspects showed no sign of remorse. The suspects were allegedly giving each other high fives and congratulating one another as they appeared before the judge, Jihad Watch reported. The defendants also reportedly “broke out in laughter — partly when the details of the attack were read,” reports Ekstra Bladet.

In a post to her Facebook page, Skovmand expressed her disbelief: “I am left with a lot of questions. Why?  Why us? What is the meaning of this extreme violence? What is happening in the head of those immigrants, when they thrash a couple that is on their way home from Christmas Eve?”

Source: BuzzPo, Jihad Watch
Photo Credit: Facebook via Jihad Watch


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