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Danish 16-Year Old Charged With Planning to Bomb School

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A 16-year-old Danish girl has reportedly been charged with planning to attack a school for Jewish students.  The suspect was also allegedly planning to attack another public school before being arrested Jan. 13, and had reportedly acquired chemical supplies to make bombs.

According to police statements on March 8, the girl also had assistance from her 24-year-old friend who aided her in making the bombs, reports the Jerusalem Post.  The friend was allegedly a former fighter in the Syrian civil war, and was arrested on Jan. 14 after allegedly giving the suspect instructions for making bombs. 

Both suspects involved in the case have pleaded not guilty, and their names have not been disclosed by Danish police.

Until now, little information was available about the January arrest of the 16-year old charged with possessing explosives, reports The Local.  All court hearings have been conducted behind “double –locked doors”, meaning that the public and media do not have access to any information from the trial.

The girl charged with planning the bombing had reportedly recently converted to Islam, and had expressed her desire to convert others to the religion on her Facebook page, reports Danish publication BT.  She was also a member of the Hizb ut-Tahrir Islamic group’s Facebook page, an organization that pushes for establishing a caliphate in Denmark.

According to details released on March 8 by police, the suspect and her 24-year-old friend had jointly planned to bomb both a Jewish private school and a public school in Denmark.  Both schools have been contacted by police to address security.

“Due to security concerns, PET cannot say what security measures the case has given rise to, but PET can say that it has not given the schools recommendations to make any changes in or around the schools in question,” said Danish police and intelligence service in a statement. 

Sources: The Jerusalem Post, The Local / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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