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15-Year-Old Danish Girl Arrested On Terror Charges

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A 15-year-old Danish girl with links to a radical Islamic group was arrested on Jan. 13 for possession of explosives. A bomb squad was sent into the girl’s home in Kundby, Denmark, where members confiscated an item, reports RT. 

The Danish teen is reportedly facing charges for possession and detonation of explosives, as well as “sanctioning terror.”

Danish police commented that the girl will likely undergo a hearing behind “double-locked doors,” meaning all information regarding the case will be withheld from the public and media, reports The Local. 

Frank Jensen, the former head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, known as PET, noted that the closed-door handling of the case is highly unusual: “The authorities’ handling is very atypical. Normally one gives information when it is a case with these sorts of aspects in it.”

Danish official Peter Rostgaard Ahleson commented “This is a very serious matter. Proceedings are at a very preliminary stage and we do not know if there are co-perpetrators at large,” reports Copenhagen Post.

PET has declined to offer official comments on the arrest.

The girl had reportedly recently converted to Islam and was a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a Danish Islamic group that advocates Sharia law. She had allegedly expressed support for the Islamic group on her Facebook profile. 

The girl’s arrest has sparked surprise due to her young age and the seriousness of the charges. 

Jensen said, "This is about a girl as young as 15. On top of that, there are explosives. It is quite unusual.”

This is not the first time the Hizb ut-Tharir group has been linked to controversy in Denmark. In June 2015, the Islamic group encouraged Danish Muslims to boycott an election, asserting that “democracy is incompatible with Islam.”

The Denmark-based religious group has also criticized a Danish government program aimed at de-radicalizing young Muslims. 

Denmark has been bolstering its security since November, following the Paris terrorist attacks that killed 130 and injured 352.   

Sources: RT, Copenhagen Post, The Local / Photo credit: The Local

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