Dad Tells Son That Flowers Will Protect Them Against Guns In Paris (Video)

A video (below) featuring a father explaining to his young son the importance of a memorial outside the Bataclan Theatre in Paris for the victims of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks has gone viral.

Le Petit Journal posted the video on its Facebook page on Nov. 16, where it garnered over 13 million views in one day.

Angel Le and his son Brandon were visiting the memorial where people were laying flowers and lighting candles, according to the Irish Examiner.

In the video, a reporter asks Brandon: "Do you understand what happened? Do you understand why those people did that?”

"Yes, because they're really, really mean," Brandon says. "Bad guys are not very nice."

Brandon adds that his family is going to have to "change houses," but his father Angel says they will not have to move.

Angel, who is originally from Vietnam, reminds Brandon that there are "bad guys everywhere." Brandon tells his dad that the bad guys have guns, but Angel replies that they have flowers.

Brandon tells his dad that "flowers don't do anything," but Angel replies: "Of course, they do. Look, everyone is putting flowers [on the memorial]."

"It's to fight against guns," Angel adds.

The youngster asks if the flowers are supposed to "protect" them, and his father says, "Exactly."

He adds that the flowers and candles will help them remember the victims.

Brandon concludes, "The flowers and candles are here to protect us."

While many have applauded the father's explanation to the boy, some are questioning it.

CBS News ran the headline, "Little boy explains 'bad guys' to his dad after Paris attacks."

However, the Mirror.co.uk reported: "How do you explain the Paris terror attacks to a child? This father found the most beautiful way."

Sources: Le Petit Journal/Facebook, Irish Examiner, YouTube, CBS News, Mirror.co.uk / Photo Credit: Le Petit Journal/Facebook Screenshot

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