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Dad Tells Daughter, 4, She Will Be A Nun (Video)

A dad from Scotland uploaded a video to Facebook April 24 of himself and his 4-year-old daughter playfully arguing about her plans to have a boyfriend (video below).

Proud dad John Tierney added the caption: "Heated debate over Grace wanting a boyfriend. Never happening!!!!"

The video, which has gone viral with more than 200,000 views, begins with Grace asking John inside the family car why she can't have a boyfriend.

"Because I’m not letting you get a boyfriend," John replies.

When the little girl asks why, her dad says, "Because you’re not getting one."

"Dad, I’ll get a boyfriend if I want to get a boyfriend," Grace fires back, but her dear father answers, "Daddy’ll break his legs."

Grace protests, and John tells her: "And guess what will happen after that? See your boyfriend’s daddy? Daddy will take him hostage and keep him in a cupboard."

The girl doesn't buy it and says, "Dad. Listen. If I want a boyfriend, I want a boyfriend. I’m getting a boyfriend."

John then pulls out the big guns and tells her: "You’re not getting a boyfriend, you’re going to be a nun."

Grace melts down, and John adds: "You’re going to be a nun, you’re going to work for Jesus!"

The tyke rejects that option, and John holds up the cross on his necklace: "There's who you're gonna work for! There's who you're gonna work for!"

The video was also linked to Twitter and was a big hit with fathers.

John explained how his and his daughter's new-found fame came about, notes the Daily Mail:

We were just heading to the park so Grace could have a go on her new bike, and she waved at two boys who walked past the car.

I joked that she should stop waving at boys because they were smelly, and she then told me she wanted a boyfriend.

I started recording her responses because she is such a wee character - she is very much a sponge and absorbs everything that people says.

The video has gone a bit mental - we got stopped in the supermarket yesterday by someone who had seen it. I never expected it to go this mad.

John, who works as an industrial painter and plays in a band, told the Daily Record: "I'm a quiet life kind of man and then overnight the video just blew up and I’ve had messages from all over saying how funny it is."

"The response has been phenomenal and the compliments Grace has received have been overwhelming," John added. "She makes me proud every day in life."

Sources: Daily Mail, Facebook, Daily Record / Photo credit: John and Grace/YouTube

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