Dad Fined For Confronting Children's Bully


An English father has been issued with a restraining order after confronting a bully who had been torturing his children.

Christopher Cooper of England wrote a heartfelt Facebook post to describe the torture his children had been suffering.

After moving to a new school district, Cooper’s youngest children were badly taunted and assaulted by the bully at North Walney Primary School.

The bullying started within a few weeks of them starting at their new school. Cooper’s children have suffered broken bones and consistent verbal and physical abuse. Both of them have confirmed the horrific events, as well as classmates and a “random stranger.”

The school reportedly did little to address the issue.

“Once again as on previous occasions I approached the school to be told it was nothing to do with them as it was outside the school (despite their own bullying policy saying otherwise),” Cooper wrote.

Attempts to speak directly with the bully’s parents were also ineffective.

“I found out where the bully lived and approached the parents to ask them to ask their child to leave mine alone – instead I was met with a torrent of abuse,” he recalled. “[Police Chief] Greg told me he wasn’t interested in investigating the assault – instead he wanted to investigate me for wanting to challenge the parents.”

Cumbria police said the assaults were a school issue “despite some assaults taking place outside of school.” The school reportedly responded by calling the bully’s parents, a move which Cooper sarcastically called clearly effective.

Both children became emotionally affected by the bullying. Cooper's son also had to undergo surgery after suffering a broken arm due to the abuse. At that point, the father went to talk directly with the alleged bully.

"What options were I left with?" Cooper asked. "As a father I have always taught my kids right from wrong, and yet no one in authority, both the school and the police have shown any desire to protect them!"

As a result, Cooper was issued a two-year restraining order and was ordered to pay about $300 is various fines.

"We understand Mr. Cooper had his children's welfare as priority and that parents will [sympathize] with his desire to protect them," wrote Superintendent Rob O'Connor, as reported by BBC. "However, this case has shown that there is no excuse to take the law into your own hands."

Sources: BBC, Christopher Cooper/Facebook / Photo credit: Mirror

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