Parents Feeding Baby Beer Goes Viral (Video)

A video (below) of a father feeding alcoholic beverages to his 10-month-old baby is going viral.

The video first appeared on What’s App, the Daily Mirror reported. It was reportedly filmed by the infant’s mother in Chennai, India.

The footage shows a man holding two bottles in front of a baby. One bottle is beer and the other is brandy, according YMN on YouTube.

The man teases the baby by placing the bottle to his mouth with the cap still on. He then removes the cap and feeds the baby the alcohol. The child is also seen attempting to drink from another bottle.

The video quickly went viral and sparked outrage among viewers, who accused the parents of putting the child’s life at risk.

It is unknown if the parents will face criminal charges.

Sources: Daily Mirror, YMN 1/YouTube / Photo Credit: YMN 1 /YouTube

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