Czech Republic Reality TV Show Recreates Nazi Persecution Of Family


A bizarre new TV reality show produced by Czech Television will feature a family living on a farm in the mountains of the Czech Republic as if they were under Nazi occupation in 1939.

The country, formerly called Czechoslovakia, was invaded by the Nazis in March 1939.

On the TV show, "Holiday in the Protectorate," the family of seven faces persecution by the German forces, who are played by actors.

NBC News notes that the show's website says the family will have to deal with everything from "milking cows to interrogation by the Gestapo."

Eight one-hour episodes will feature the family wearing period costumes, harvesting crops and sewing blackout curtains.

Zora Cejnkova, the TV show's director, told ABC News:

I was inspired by the horrific wartime stories of my maternal grandparents, who lived in a small town in the highlands of Bohemia. I wanted people to see what hardships ordinary people had to go through to survive Nazi occupation. It was interesting to see how people make decisions under such psychological pressure, in front of TV cameras.

The show claims that they consulted with historians and architects to get the Nazi occupation era correct, noted the Associated Press.

However, the show has garnered criticism for presenting Nazi persecution as entertainment.

Sources: Associated Press,, NBC News, ABC News
Image Credit: Czech Television Media Handout


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