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Players Receive Appropriate Punishment for Sexist Jokes

The Czech soccer players who told a female assistant referee to stay in the kitchen are now forced to train with the women's team as a form of punishment.

Sparta Prague players Lukas Vacha and Tomas Koubek found themselves in hot water after an Oct. 2 game, during which they made sexist comments toward a female assistant referee who failed to flag the opposing team for an alleged offside violation. Koubek, the team's goalie, reportedly said in a fit of rage that "women belong at the stove" and "should not officiate men's football," according to BBC.

Midfielder Vacha, who was sitting on the sidelines during the game due to an injury, referred to the assistant referee as "the cooker" in an Oct. 2 tweet.

Koubek later publicly apologized on Facebook by posting a picture of his wife and daughter and writing in Czech that he wants to "[apologize] to all women."

Vacha made a similar apology, saying that his "comment was directed to a specific error which affected the outcome of the game, not for any other women."

However, the Sparta general director Adam Kotalik didn't think their apologies were enough, and has sentenced them train with Czech women's team, according to The Guardian.

"As much as I understand that the boys were full of emotions after the finish of yesterday’s game, there are some boundaries that they can not cross in their statements," said Kotalik in a press statement on Oct. 3. 

"As well as serving as ambassadors of the team at the UEFA [Union of European Football Associations]Women’s Champions League games," the statement continued, "they will both report to the boss of Sparta women’s teams Dusan Zovinec and will take part at some of the training sessions with one of our women’s team to see with their own eyes that the women can be [skillful] somewhere else than at the stove, too."

The assistant referee has been dealt a four-game suspension for failing to flag the offside during the Oct. 2 game. Neither she nor the two Sparta players have commented on this unique form of punishment.

Sources: BBC, The Guardian / Photo Credit: AC Sparta Praha/Facebook

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