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Cyclist Is 'Terrified' By Group Of Kangaroos Watching Him (Video)

Ben Vezina recently filmed himself cycling past a large group of kangaroos who stared at him in South Morang, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia (video below).

The kangaroos remain motionless as Vezina pedals towards them in Hawkstowe Park, notes the Daily Mail.

"Alright, so this has been a really unnerving experience," Vezina says. "I feel like, it's, oh my God, instead of a zombie apocalypse, it's a f---- kangaroo. And look at them, they're just standing there, I mean, should I be going down here? I'm kinda terrified, yo? I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little terrified."

However, as he gets closer, several of the kangaroos begin hopping away, reports TIME, although a few stand still and watch him.


Sources: Daily Mail, TIME / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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