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Cyclist Hits 3-Year-Old With Bike, Doesn't Stop To Help Her (Video)

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A cyclist in the U.K. hit a 3-year-old girl with his bike while riding down the street (video below) on May 18, but did not stop to help and continued riding.

Lucie Wilding had just stepped out of the front gate to her house in Blackpool when the cyclist passed by, reports Metro. Her foot became caught in the back wheel, and she was knocked to the ground and dragged a short distance. Her mother, who was making her way to her car, ran to her daughter’s side while the girl's father rushed out of the house and jumped over a wall to get to her.

According to Lucie’s parents, the cyclist fell off his bike but quickly got back on and kept riding. The man reportedly cursed at the family after falling off the bike.

“He was on the floor with his head on the pavement (sidewalk),” Lucie’s mother, Lauren Howarth, said. “I was expecting him to say ‘I’m so sorry, is everyone OK?’ or something like that but there was nothing. As soon as he got up he started swearing at us, as if it was Lucie’s fault that he had hit her.”

Howarth said she feared her daughter had been killed by the collision.

“I thought she was dead. There was blood coming from everywhere. She was hysterical, screaming at the top of her lungs,” she said. “I had to check she still had arms and legs because the speed she was taken was so quick and she’d just been flattened by this bike.”

The cyclist, a man in his 20s, later identified himself to authorities and faces charges.

“There are a number of offenses that will be discussed with this man — riding on pavements (sidewalks) and dangerous cycling,” Lancashire Police Constable Joanna Mills told reporters. “For a 3-year-old this isn’t a pleasant experience when you’re just walking from your home to your car. Lucie is lucky she’s escaped with only scrapes and bruises. It could have been a lot worse.”

Watch the terrifying collision below.

Sources: Metro, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via YouTube


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