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Crocodile Attacks Couple In Hotel Pool, Man Flees (Video)

A video (below) recently surfaced of a crocodile attacking a couple in a hotel pool in Kariba, Zimbabwe.

According to, the creature that slithered in the pool was a young Nile crocodile.

In the video, the man jumped out of the pool, leaving the woman in the water with the ravenous reptile. She quickly moved to the side of the pool as the crocodile went for her arm. Another man appeared and tried to distract the crocodile from outside the pool, and the woman got out. reports that Lake Kariba is famous for its crocodiles, and is the world's biggest man-made lake. But because of a drought in the country, some creatures are seeking alternative water sources, such as pools.

Some YouTube commenters have criticized the man for jumping out of the pool, but Zimbo88, who posted the video, wrote:

Luckily no one was injured in this potentially very dangerous attack! I do love how the Internet has turned this into a sexist act of a man not acting up to his "duty" while he stop, dropped and rolled out the pool due to flight instinct! I must say, I am not sure i know many people who would stick around in a swimming pool with a hungry Croc inside it!

According to National Geographic, an estimated 200 people are killed every year by the man-eating Nile, which is Africa's largest crocodile species.

Nile crocodiles can grow up to a length of 20 feet and tip the scales at 1,650 pounds. However, the average size of these reptiles is about 16 feet and 500 pounds.

The crocodiles usually eat fish, but have been known to snack on "zebras, small hippos, porcupines, birds, and other crocodiles," notes National Geographic.

That may be why Nile crocodiles, both male and female, "ferociously guard their nests until the eggs hatch, and they will often roll the eggs gently in their mouths to help hatching babies emerge."

Sources:, National Geographic, Zimbo88/YouTube / Photo credit: Zimbo88/YouTube

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