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Criminals Use Forklift Truck To Steal ATM Machine (Video)

Criminals Use Forklift Truck To Steal ATM Machine (Video) Promo Image

Some daring thieves used a forklift truck to steal an ATM machine in Leicestershire, England, on July 10 (video below).

Leicestershire police released CCTV surveillance video of the wild crime, which reportedly took place at around 3 a.m.

According to the police website, three vehicles were used in the robbery: an Audi, a silver pickup truck and a Bobcat telehandler (forklift).

A police detective described the robbery:

The Bobcat was used to ram the front of the building in order for the suspects to remove the cash machine which caused a significant amount of disruption. We have released the CCTV footage which clearly shows three vehicles in the area and the incident itself taking place.

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We are appealing for the public’s help to identify the vehicles and who was responsible. If you have any information about the incident we would urge you to contact us.

Did you see any suspicious activity in the area? Do you know anything about the incident? Regardless of how insignificant you think the information is, we want to hear from you.

As hard as it might be to believe, this was not the first forklift ATM robbery in Leicestershire.

The exact same type of theft happened at a post office in 2016, noted BBC News.

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Mick Cottingham, the owner of the building next to the post office, said he "felt the floor move," and added: "They've made a right mess of it -- they've made more damage inside than you can see from the outside."

A pickup truck was used in that robbery, as well.

Another ATM machine in Leicestershire got hit with a forklift in 2015. Similarly, a pickup truck was used in the crime, reported BBC News.

Police arrested a 37-year-old man for the robbery, which took place at a bank. The suspect was released on bail.

At the time, police thought that forklift robbery might be connected to more robberies. readers cheered on this latest heist:

Headline shouldve read: "Desperate UK citizens recuperate ATM with a forklift from criminal banking cartel who steal all our money."

The money is insured by the same organizations who steal money from the people legally.

Fantastic job......enjoy the champagne brossss.

They should of hit a NATWEST bank ATM. Despicable NATWEST bank ATM in Liverpool station stole my ATM card and rotten people in NATWEST office wouldn't get it back.

An ex-colleague of mine reversed a [big truck] to the main entrance of the hospital in Trondheim one night. Using a rope the ATM by the entrance was yanked off and they drove away dragging the ATM before all traces disappeared. Almost 30 years have gone by and the case was never solved. The statute of limitation kicked in about 10 years later.

Sources: Leicestershire Police, BBC News (2), / Photo credit: ERIC FORGET/Flickr, Olnnu/Wikimedia Commons, High Contrast/Wikimedia Commons

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