'Cowshed Cinderella' Wins $2 Million For Working On Her Parent's Farm While Her Sisters Partied

Eirian Davies, 45, spent her entire life working hard on her parent’s dairy farm believing she would one day inherit all of it.

Nicknamed "Cowshed Cinderella,” Eirian won £1.3 million, equivalent to more than $2 million, in a court case against her parents, Tegwyn, 75, and Mary, 76. She sued after her parents decided to split the farm between Eirian and her two sisters, Daily Mirror reported.

Eirian spent years working on Caeremlyn Farm in Carmarthenshire, Wales. She skipped out on going to dances with her sisters and was warned "not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg" by complaining about her treatment. 

The High Court in Cardiff, Wales, heard Eirian’s testimony that her sisters once waltzed through the farm in their ballgowns while she toiled away. Her parents “pinned their hopes" on Eirian’s steadfast work ethic and planned to leave the farm to her, but after she began pursuing relationships with men and considering children, they decided to place the farm in a trust that would benefit all of the sisters.

When Tegwyn and Mary tried to evict Eirian, she took legal action to obtain her “rightful share” of her farm. The court ruled the farm was worth about £3.8 million, and Eirian won £1.3 million to start her own farm.

Eirian’s parents appealed the decision, but their case was denied. Lord Justice Floyd called the family’s disagreements "in many ways a tragic case.”

Source: Daily Mirror Images: Eirian Davies via Daily Mirror


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